Sherlock Holmes is a former consulting detective. After he faked his suicide he went into hiding for many years until he was found by his niece Charlotte Holmes and now, not just his own, but the lives of the people he cares for are in danger. And Sherlock is determined to protect them, without them knowing though.


Charlotte Holmes is the estranged niece of Sherlock, who, believed him to be dead for most of her life. When she attempts to discover the true reason behind his supposed suicide Charlotte ends up discovering his existence and that he is truly alive. At the beginning the two have an odd relationship, with Sherlock being rude to her as well as angry because she was the first to discover his false suicide. Charlotte tries to make Sherlock tell her father, John or someone else but Sherlock refuses. Sherlock after finding out she is his niece tries to make her use her abilities knowing for a fact that she is holding back with her skills but Charlotte is very reluctant.