Charlotte Holmes is the daughter of Mycroft Holmes and niece of Sherlock. She adapted many of their skills except is more modest about them and shy to put them to the test, which causes Sherlock to push her sometimes.



Charlotte is practical, motherly, and bossy. Her practical nature keeps her from some of the child-like imigination she needs to be able to communiacate with Maisy and Ryder. Like her uncle and father, Charlotte has a profound aptitude for deductive reasoning, which she invariably describes as "Just guessing," or "Just noticed". Upon meeting a person, she will often "scan" them, taking in elements of their appearance and arriving at astonishingly accurate conclusions about their pasts and even their personality even though she wouldn't confront them about it but instead may drop the information casually into conversation.

Discovering her uncleEdit



Sherlock and Charlotte

Sherlock Holmes is Charlotte's estranged uncle whom she beloved to be dead for most of her life. When she attempts to discover the true reason behind his supposed suicide Charlotte ends up discovering his existence and that he is truly alive. At the beginning the two have an odd relationship, with Sherlock being rude to her as well as angry because she was the first to discover his false suicide. Charlotte tries to make Sherlock tell her father, John or someone else but Sherlock refuses. Sherlock after finding out she is his niece tries to make her use her abilities knowing for a fact that she is holding back with her skills but Charlotte is very reluctant.

Mycroft Holmes is Charlottes father. He is very protective of her and always demands the best of her fearing something will happen to her because of her similarities to his brother.


Evie Hughes - Evie and and Charlotte had been best friends since childhood. Despite Evie's outgoing personality and Charlottes shy one the two fit together like yin and yang. They constantly bicker, which is mostly Charlotte lecturing Evie like a mother that she doesn't have. Charlotte is also the only one who remained friends with Evie through her pregnancy and convinced her father too take her in when her parents kicked her out. She is Merith's, Evie's baby, aunt and godmother.

Ryder Watson - Ryder and Charlotte are overall friends because they have known each other for so long. Ryder harbors a small crush on Charlotte even though Charlotte knows this she refuses to believe its true because he's so much like a brother to her.

Maisy Watson - Charlotte is Maisy's a babysitter who has been watching her since birth because if their families connections. The two are as close as sisters.